The Holiday Extravaganza

Happy Holidays, everyone!  We hope you’re enjoying time with friends and family and good cheer.  In our last update we promised pictures from our holiday party and so we shall deliver.  You know a Karabots Junior Fellows party could never be simply finger food and soft music, it has to be a party + crime scene investigation.  In this case (cover the little one’s eyes), we solved the mystery of who poisoned Santa!  Exhibit A:  Santa about enjoy his milk and cookies.


Exhibit B: Santa no longer enjoying his milk and cookies.


Unflustered by Santa’s demise, the Karabots students quickly cordoned off the area.


Then set about recovering fingerprints and footprints from the scene (as well as isolating the offending cookies).


The students then walked the crowd of party-goers through solving the wicked crime.


As it turns out some of our students were responsible.  Just when you think you know somebody, huh?  Luckily, that didn’t stop us from enjoying the evening.


The most special moment of all came when members of all three groups of Karabots students (our current groups of sophomores and seniors as well as members of our first cohort, many of whom are now sophomores in College!) gathered together for a photo with our funders, Nicholas and Athena Karabots.


Much thanks to our wonderful students, their friends and families, our community partners, and, of course, our funders, Nicholas and Athena Karabots and the Karabots Foundation, for a wonderful evening and a fabulous semester.  We’ll see you all in the new year!

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