From Opium to Ibuprofen


To celebrate 150 years of the Mütter Museum, the Karabots Junior Fellows researched how healthcare has changed since the mid-1800s. Each group chose a specimen from the collection to illustrate one aspect of their chosen field and its development. Exhibit items include: a hospital sewing kit believed to have belonged to Florence Nightingale; a finger exercise device used during WWI to relieve pain associated with the firing of guns; and obstetrical forceps from the 1920s. The exhibition is generously funded by Nick and Athena Karabots of the Karabots Foundation. On display in the Mütter Museum now!

Want Some Fries With Your Salt?

Let’s face it, we could all use a little help eating better. See that smaller pile of salt in the picture below?  That’s how much you’re supposed eat in a day.  See the much bigger pile of salt?  That’s one meal at McDonald’s.  Ouch.


And don’t get us started on water.  We’re need to drink it but we also get a lot of water from the food we eat.  Turns out some of us have no idea how much water is in our food.


But we’re not feeling shamed.  We here at the Karabots Junior Fellows Program are feeling motivated.  And we’ve got College Fellow and all-around inspiring person, Donna Mueller,  PhD, RD, FADA, LDN, FCPP, to thank for that.  Her words of wisdom and energy have us psyched to do better.  Thanks so much, Dr. Mueller!


Mentor Match Up

Happy New Year, everybody!  We’re feeling super-psyched about 2014, especially after spending last Saturday hanging out with students from the Penn Dental School.  Our plan is to match the high school sophomores from our Karabots Junior Fellows Program with mentors from the Dental School.  We kicked off the day with breakfast and a “speed matching” session where our 20 students spent two minutes talking to 20 different dental students.  It was a blast.


Seriously, a blast.  We can’t tell you how awesome it was to see all those smiles around the table. We couldn’t be more proud of our students and more grateful to the Penn students.


After the “speed matching,” the Karabots gave the Penn students a tour of the Mütter Museum, and we ended with pizza and a hotly-contested Jeopardy-style quiz game with teams  of Karabots and Penn students vying for a bag of candy.  Note to self:  no one likes malted milk balls.  All kidding aside, days like this are the reason we do this.