Black Gay Pride

“Pride is being unapologetically triumphant.”

Most Philadelphians have some sense of what Pride is about, but this quote and others from Ebony gives us a better sense of what Black Gay Pride is all about. Black Gay Pride is one shining example of how we can celebrate our multifaceted identities. It helps us expand our understanding of Pride beyond gender and sexuality, and embrace our whole selves.

In the spirit of Black Gay Pride, David J. Malebranche, MD, MPH and Avery Posey Jr., PhD, will be coming to talk to us about their lived experiences of the intersections of race, sexuality, and medicine. Come eat, hear them speak, and celebrate our complex identities!

We will also be holding a resume clinic afterwards. If you’re applying to school or looking for work, we can help you create a resume or make sure the one you have is in good shape. See you then! Contact for more info.april poster


NYC Bound

For the first time in the history of the Karabots Junior Fellows program (almost 5 years now!), we decided to take the students to New York. For many, it was their first trip to Manhattan which made it extra special. Our destination was the American Museum of Natural History and their new “Power of Poison” exhibit. Over the next few weeks, we will begin work on our own Karabots-curated poison exhibit which will open at the Mütter Museum in June.  Stay tuned for details.


Like all good school trips, ours started on a coach bus. This one was late but it was comfortable and there was no traffic. Two out of three ain’t bad!


Then there was the inevitable standing around outside while the group ticket situation got sorted out. It was windy but we saw a lot of smiles. Best of all, things got sorted out to our advantage. In addition to the poison exhibit and the rest of the fabulous museum, we also got tickets to the butterfly house and an iMax space show.  Pretty sweet deal all around.


Inside it was the expected chaos of thousands of people swirling about, lost, looking for the blue whale and the dinosaurs and the planetarium. But you know what?  Our group was still smiling.


At the poison exhibit, we learned about frogs and blow gun darts and Mad Hatters and witches and murdering someone with arsenic and even used iPads to figure out why the dog got sick and an owl died. Mostly, it gave us a lot to think about for our own exhibit.  So exciting.  After that, butterflies landed all over us and we loved it.

Siani laughing w butterfly


Danielle w butterfly 1

The day ended up with a cool iMax space show in the planetarium theater. We can’t show you pictures because we weren’t allowed to take them. It was such a great trip and a special day. We were so proud of the students and grateful to everyone who made it possible, most notably: Nicholas and Athena Karabots and the Karabots Foundation and George and Judy Wohlreich. Thank you all sincerely for your generosity.


Heal Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow



This week, we were grateful and honored to have George Wohlreich, MD, FCPP, psychiatrist and Director and CEO of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, come and speak with us about our mental health. As 10th graders, our students are dealing with a lot.  Whether it’s rebellion, puberty, or sex and sexuality, our teenage years are fraught with obstacles on the path to “self-actualization” or growing up or really just becoming who it is we want to be.  Whatever you want to call it, we all have a duty to look out for our own mental health. Most of us have either dealt with mental health issues or witnessed them first hand in our friends, family, and loved ones. Would you seek help if you needed it?  Would you know how and when to get help for a friend if they needed it?  Thanks to Dr. Wohlreich, we’re happy to say that we could.

House Dance Class

In case you haven’t heard, Frankie Knuckles, the “godfather” of Chicago House Music, died this week. In the wake of this legend’s death, it’s fitting to have a post about our recent exercise class.

Jon started us off with a discussion trying to get the students to think not only about how they like to exercise, but all the things that stop or discourage them from exercising.

jon in class

It turns out that Netflix is the biggest obstacle our students need to overcome to get moving more. In an attempt to gather some momentum, we moved into the Thomson Gallery to get our dance on.dance3

Karim, one of our very own CEPI staff, taught us some House moves. House music is the style that came after disco started to get old. Out of this movement in Chicago came a dance community that emphasizes fast, funky footwork and fluid movements of the torso.

In keeping the old-school hip-hop traditions alive, Philadelphia house experts Kyle Clark and Dinita Clark emphasize the spiritual and rhythmic foundation of House, which is at its heart a social dance style with music at the center. House isn’t about being the best, it’s about feeling good. Check out this video of our students moving and feeling good (don’t worry, the paintings are well-secured).