photo7 2

Everton meet Electra. Electra, Everton. That’s right, folks. This Wednesday we had visitors! Not just Electra, the ball python, but Frankie, the king snake, as well.

photo1 3

Both Electra and Frankie belong to our fabulous Museum Educator, Marcy Engleman, who was with us to talk about the difference between venomous and poisonous and the many ways in which animal and insect venom is being used in modern medicine. It was a great class and we can’t thank her enough for helping us get ready for Deadly Doses, our new Museum exhibit set to go on display this June. Although, to be fair, snakes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

photo 1

By the end, though, almost all of the Karabots Junior Fellows got into the fun. Here they attempt a 5-way python pass off. Very tricky stuff.

photo4 2

And I think some of us may well be on our way to getting a snake of our very own some day. See? Snakes are sweet like little babies! Awwwww.

photo 2




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