The Karabots Junior Fellows Untangle Common Threads and Meet their Mentors

The Karabots Junior Fellows take part in "Speed dating" with your medical professionals who will serve as mentors

As part of the program, the Karabots Junior Fellows are paired with a local health professional who serves as a mentor, providing advice and guidance through the Fellows’ high school years and beyond. Recently CEPI hosted a meet-and-greet where the Fellows had the chance to meet with our pool of energetic young professionals who have volunteered their time to serve as mentors. Together, they and the Fellows participated in a variety of icebreakers and team-building activities to better get to know one another and find mentors who will be a good fit for our Fellows.

The Karabots Junior Fellows work with aspiring mentors to untangle a human knot

The activities focused around the theme of string. First, they broke into small groups to discover a “common thread” between them, something about them which everyone in the group had in common. They then put their camaraderie to the test by working together to form and untangle a human knot. After our string-themed activities the mentors and Fellows took part in some “speed dating,” sitting across from each other and holding 30-60 second conversations to get to know each other.

We are extremely thankful for all the potential mentors who volunteered to help us make a difference for these promising students.


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