The Teva Interns Explore Mummies and Evolution at the Penn Museum

Students from the Teva Internship Program observe artifacts at the Penn Museum

Throughout the semester, students in the Teva Pharmaceuticals Internship Program have journeyed to facilities all over the city. Among their many trips away from the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, they traveled to the Art Church of West Philadelphia to learn how to cope with police violence; they studied robotics at the GRASP Lab of the University of Pennsylvania; they planned for their college futures at the Community College of Philadelphia; they even journeyed behind the walls of Eastern State Penitentiary to tackle the impact of mass incarceration on American society. For their final trip of the semester, we went back to the campus of the University of Pennsylvania to visit the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology, better known as the Penn Museum.

Founded in 1887, the Penn Museum boasts the largest university museum in the country and houses an impressive collection of over one million archaeological specimens spanning a wide expanse of human history. In addition to an impressive Egyptian collection, exhibits display artifacts from civilizations representing all corners of the world, such as Greece, Rome, Iran, Meso-America, and China.

Students from the Teva Internship Program explore the mummies exhibit at the Penn Museum

The interns watched conservators work to preserve an ancient Egyptian mummy at the Artifact Lab, then explored the museum’s collection of mummies and Egyptian artifacts. They learned about the Museum’s developing exhibit on Africa, and finally they looked back at 200 million years of the development of the human species in the Human Evolution Gallery.

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