Boos, Brains, Safety and Support

Participants of the "boos and Brains" event hosted by the Out4STEM Program pose with homemade masks

It is the goal of the Out4STEM program to provide a safe, friendly environment for Philly LGBTQ+ Youth who are interested in STEM. CEPI’s recent event, “Boos and Brains” epitomized this sentiment by creating a space for youth to come share their coming out experiences. A collection of high schoolers, college students, and med school students along with young professionals, including members of Project HOME and Penn Medicine, gathered to discuss different studies on where sexuality originates in the brain. Some shared their coming out stories, explaining how “out” they were and whether that differed when they were with family or friends. In keeping with the pre-Halloween theme, they also had the chance to design their own masks representing the faces they put on to the world versus the one they keep for themselves; however, the “masking and unmasking” took place more in their conversations with each other and the support they gave to those who were not “out” for various reasons. The friendly, supportive atmosphere epitomized the goals of the Out4STEM program.

The event was also featured in a recent issue of Philadelphia Gay News.

Clipping from Philadelphia Gay News displaying four participants holding skulls and jack-o-lanterns at the Out4STEM event Boos and Brains.

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