Honoring the Memory of Nicholas Karabots

It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of Nicholas Karabots, who died earlier this week. Mr. Karabots left an indelible mark upon The College of Physicians of Philadelphia and Philadelphia’s youth. He was the inaugural funder of The College’s first high school youth program: the Karabots Junior Fellows program, a three-year summer and after-school program for low-income Philadelphia high school students interested in careers in healthcare and medicine. He funded the program for a decade, during which time the program had six cohorts. His generosity allowed us to develop The Center for Education’s unique program model that became the foundation for all our youth programming. His contributions helped spark the creation of three other College of Physicians of Philadelphia youth programs: the STEM Internship, Out4STEM, and Girls One Diaspora. Thanks to Mr. Karabots, well over 100 high school students had the ability to pursue their dreams as healthcare professionals and scientists.

Nicholas and Athena Karabots with current students and alumni from the Karabots Junior Fellows Program

In 2018, The Center for Education honored Karabots’ 10 years of support for The College’s youth programming with a fitting tribute: The Bowman Clinic. Painted by Philadelphia artist Inga Kimberly Brown, The Bowman Clinic was an homage to The Gross Clinic, an 1875 Thomas Eakins painting of Philadelphia physician (and College Fellow) Samuel D. Gross. In 2007, Karabots himself had made a substantial donation to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to help keep The Gross Clinic in Philadelphia. Named after Jacqui Bowman, Director of The Center for Education, the painting depicts Nicholas and his wife, Athena, observing a dissection by Dr. Gross while students in the Karabots program watch from the seats of the operating theatre.

Portrait of an operating theater with teenagers observing in the seats as a physician in a suit performs an anatomical dissection assisted by several attendants. At the right are an elderly White couple, man and woman.
The Bowman Clinic, courtesy of Inga Kimberly Brown

Mr. Karabots leaves behind a legacy of philanthropy and a passion for Philadelphia’s scientific and cultural institutions. In addition to supporting The College’s programs, he offered considerable donations to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP’s West Philadelphia Pediatric Care Center bears his name), Einstein Healthcare Network (Einstein’s Norristown healthcare facility is named after him), the Franklin Institute and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

He will be greatly missed.


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